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Prabhu ShreeNathji, (incarnation of Lord Krishna), who first appeared at Goverdhan Parvat(hill) in 1409 when a gwala(CowKeeper) Sadu Pandey noticed that one of his cow used to go to particular spot at the top of Govardhan Hill and discharge her milk there. The spot which seemed like a raised hand coming out from the mountain started being worshipped by people as unknown God and even their wishes were fulfilled. In the year 1492, Mahaprabhuji arrived at Goverdhan Hill to meet Shrinathji (after a dream in which Shri Krishna asked Mahaprabhuji to meet him at Goverdhan) which is known as “Pratham Milan”. 6 years after this the first temple for place Shrinathji was constructed there. In 1665, to protect the Shrinathji’s idol from Aurangzeb, Shrinathji’s idol was taken to Mewar with the help of Maharana Rajsingh. In midst of the journey, at a place named Sihad (Now Nathdwara), the wheel of the Chariot stuck in the mud which was taken as a divine sign of Lord to reside at this place. Thus a new Temple was built and Shrinathji was placed in Nathdwara.


ShrinathjiBawa brings you ancient and unique painting from Nathdwara style of Paintings including traditional handmade Pichwai, Shrinathji Tasveer, Miniature Paintings, Wooden Art, etc painted by the world-famous professional artists of Nathdwara. We also bring you a wide array of Pushtimarg Books to learn more about Prabhu Shrinathji, their Leelas, Pushtimarg, etc. We are also including a corporate Gifting section in our website through which you can bulk order the items for corporate needs